L9HG Rules


  1. The 9-hole season runs from September through May each year.
  2. Membership dues are $25.00 annually and paid between May and August.
  3. Potential new members may play twice before joining the association.
  4. 9-Hole ladies play on Wednesdays.  Start times are seasonal.
  5. TEE TIMES:  Members must sign up in advance (on the signup sheet posted on the bulletin board in the ladies locker room) to play on Wednesdays and/or in any tournament.  Those scheduled to play should check in one half hour before tee time.
  6. If you are unable to play, after signing up, please phone the pro shop as soon as possible (648-3333).
  7. All players must establish and maintain handicaps by entering every individual 9-hole score into the GHIN system.  The golf pro can provide assistance.
  8. On non-tournament days players may choose their pairings.
  9. MULLIGANS:  On non-tournament days only, golfers may use a mulligan on the first tee only.  Either ball may be played; golfer’s choice.
  10. To speed up play, play ready golf and take only one practice swing at the tee.
  11. Use “gimmies” for balls “within the leather” to speed up play.  No “gimmies” allowed on tournament days.
  12. The maximum number of strokes allowed for each hole depends on your handicap, per the following schedule:

9-Hole Handicap:  0-4;  5-9;  10-14; 15-19; 20 or more

Maximum Score Double Bogey:  7, 8, 9, 10

13.  Take a free drop (no nearer to the hole) if your ball lands in any azalea bed.  If your ball is  not found, take a one stroke penalty.

14.  Free drop from the cart paths – one club length, no nearer to the hole.

15.  No penalty for relief from fire ant hills.